Thank you.

Thirteen years ago the concept of a Tank Pull Competition was revived and proposed as a challenging and unique fund raising venue. The New Jersey Knights of Columbus embraced the concept of a Tank Pull, because it was symbol of strength and resilience of the nation’s military services, especially the combat wounded. With the help of a caring community, the Knights committed material resources to the veterans needs, elevated their plight and helped reintegrated veterans back to civilian life.

In 2007, the committee set an impossible fund raising goal of “One Million Dollars” within ten a years period. With dedication and determination the Tank Pull Committee raised and surpassed the goal raising $1,500,000 million dollars. The impossible fund raising dream came true for the committee and the military wounded community in 2019.

Tank Pull was a dream! A dream that scared us and challenged our imagination and motivated the committee to ensure the dream came to fruition. For the Knights and others who joined the committee’s efforts, “Service was our reward” while the military wounded beneficiaries were the recipients of needed high tech and revolutionary artificial arms, legs, and Track or iBot Wheel chairs.

In keeping with the dream and its commitment, the committee at its 157th meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 voted to terminate the Tank Pull Competition with grateful thanks and appreciation to all who volunteered their help and support. Tank Pull like the old soldier in the ballad now just fades away and waits again for others to pick up the challenge!

We are saddened by the discontinuance of the Tank Pull Competition but leave the public venue on a high note. We are without question, unanimously proud of our achievements and take great pride in surpassing the ten year goal of raising $1,500,000 dollars which aided and supported a great number of American heroes in the nation’s military combat wounded community.

Pro Deo et Patria, Vivat Jesus

SK John V. Hughes

Tank Pull Chairman